How often have you attended an air show where standing only 100 feet from the front of the crowd line you could no longer could hear the announcer, let alone understand what performer was coming up next?  Have you ever asked yourself if your audience could hear an emergency message over your entire show area?  Lost child, severe weather warnings and evacuation measures? Why until now has sound been such a neglected element of the air show industry when it is such a vital safety and audience appreciation component?  When presented professionally by artists and engineers with over 50 years of combined experience, sound becomes as important a part of your air show as the performers you hire.  Just like THX sound has transformed the movie going experience, Air Show One now brings the ability for your entire audience to clearly hear and feel sound as it was meant to be heard.  Finally, the incredible music that the air show industry performers have worked so hard to integrate as part of their act can now be given the respect they deserve.


We don’t just provide sound equipment, we provide a professionally produced presentation that is unmatched in the air show industry.  With over 20 years of radio broadcast production and engineering experience, our state of the art equipment merely becomes the palette with which we thrust the audience out of the 1950s and into the 21st century. When you hire Air Show One we immediately go to work customizing your show into a one-of-a-kind event.  Rather than having dead air and monotone sound, Air Show One produces custom commercial spots and comedy bits that are unique to your specific show and integrate with your performers, announcer and schedule.


If you like what you just heard, imagine increasing your sponsorship income opportunities by providing your sponsor with a professionally produced spot that is played through our state of the art system.  Finally your sponsors can hear and be proud of their product placement, allowing you to leverage your sponsorship dollars.   We can provide you with a report listing when and how often their spot was played.  It is proven that listeners will tune out after only 30 minutes when they hear the same voice and the same presentation all day long. 


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